The 5S system

The Corona pandemic has once again made clear the importance of safety and order at the workplace. This is what prompted us to introduce the 5S system. What is it about? The 5S method is a systematic approach to designing your own working environment. The aim is to minimise non-value-adding activities, i.e. the waste of time and resources, by organising the workplace in a structured fashion. The five steps include: Sorting out, cleaning the workplace, standardising instructions and complying with as well as improving all points.

*Facts: Originally, the five “S” are derived from the Japanese terms Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. In a nutshell, this means: Creating order, tidiness, cleanliness, personal sense of order and discipline.*

These steps ensure a safe, orderly and, above all, clear working environment for all employees across all departments. This avoids mistakes, increases safety and effectiveness and improves the quality of our work.



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