Assembly platform + new machines

At the beginning of 2021, after an intensive preparation phase, we were able to put the new assembly platform into operation. For a long time, we had been planning to expand our facilities with new machines but the implementation required a correspondingly large amount of time. Since the new platform was to be located above the existing machines, and thus also above the employees, this required extremely careful planning. In total, the new assembly platform now offers space for three more machines and a packing table for manual assembly. A total of four new machines were ordered, all of which were customised for us. Among other things, one of the new machines has replaced our oldest model. With the new machines, our production now runs even more safely and effectively, which makes our work increasingly easier.


Global agieren aus der Eulenstadt

PH Parts / die Peter Hoffmann GmbH ist ansässig in Quickborn nördlich der Hansestadt Hamburg.